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Seeds |

Seeds: How To Plant to Get the Most Fruit

Seeds produce trees. Trees produce fruit. Fruit feeds people.

Bobby Shirley

Once you can get off the floor from this amazing revelation, let’s talk.

You can’t really tell what kind of tree comes from a seed. You can’t tell the amount of fruit that will come from a seed. You never know where the pollen will travel that comes from a seed.

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Mercies |

Mercies: How To Be Thankful for Mornings

This is part of my manifesto series.
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Mercy is brand new every morning.

Fully Satisfied Manifesto

… and the church said, “Amen and Hallelujah!


I love getting new stuff. It doesn’t have to be anything big. I like getting new pens and I like getting new windows. I’m not picky. One of my top Love Languages is “receiving gifts.”

There are different ways and reasons to give gifts. Gifts can be given because of a need, an event, or a want.

God gives us new mercies every day because he wants to and because we need it!

18 Who is a God like You, who forgives wickedness
And passes over the rebellious acts of the remnant of His possession?
He does not retain His anger forever,
Because He [constantly] delights in mercy and lovingkindness.

Micah 7:18, AMP


Constantly. Never-ceasing. Unrelenting. Without end.

This should be overwhelming and freeing for us. Overwhelming for the fact that God has an unlimited supply of mercy and that He delights in giving to us! It’s freeing in the idea that no matter how bad you blew it yesterday, you get a brand new supply of mercy for today!

13 For great is Your mercy and loving-kindness toward me; and You have delivered me from the depths of Sheol [from the exceeding depths of affliction].

Psalm 86:!3, AMPC


Different |

Different: Three Things We Get Wrong about the Gospel

This is a guest post by my friend, Blaise Foret. You can learn more about him and all that he’s involved with at the end of this post.

Religion and Jesus are often confused for one another. And I don’t blame people for making this mistake because so often the most religiously minded people use the name of Jesus to justify their ideas.

But the truth is Jesus Christ and ole’ time religion are very different.

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Restoration |

Restoration: Will Things Ever Get Better?

This is part of my manifesto series.
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There is restoration from mistakes.

Fully Satisfied Manifesto

I’ve made mistakes in the past. I’ll make mistakes in the future. I’ve made mistakes today. We all do.


Quick poll: Who reading this hasn’t made any mistakes?

…. No one?

Ok, good. We all in the same boat.

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Realize |

Realize: Lessons About God from a Chair and Candy

My daily goal should be to live in the fully-known smile of God. He’s always smiling at me, I may just not always realize it.
Bobby Shirley

I remember when I was a kid, going to an older couple home and in between their La-Z-Boy’s was a big bowl of candy. A whole bowl! Ready and waiting to be eaten. The Psalmist David says of God that He has endless pleasures at His right hand. I think it looks something like that bowl and the La-Z-Boy’s.

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Matters |

Matters: How To Think Better About Yourself

This is part of my manifesto series.
You can download my Fully Satisfied Manifesto for FREE here.

Who God says I am is the only opinion that matters.

On the surface, this could sound a lot like what we talked about last week. But, it’s actually a little deeper.

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Pardon |

Pardon: How To Unnerve People With the Truth

Forgiveness, or pardon, is not heaven any more than a medicine is health. Pardon is proclaimed freely and universally; it is perfectly gratuitous, unconditional and unlimited. But heaven is limited to those who are sanctified by the belief of the pardon.
Thomas Erskine, The Unconditional Freeness of the Gospel

While deep down I believe this statement, it still makes me a little nervous. It doesn’t make me nervous because of the potentiality that it’s a lie, but because of the potentiality that it’s the truth!

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Identity |

Identity: How To Forget Who You Are

This is part of my manifesto series.
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I am not who I’ve always believed I am.
Fully Satisfied Manifesto


Doppelganger is a big word that means, “Either of two people who physically resemble each other very much.” So, why use that word? When you came to Christ you became a brand new creature. Not just a new person. Not the “new and improved” you.

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Exchange |

Exchange: How To Trade for Something Better

People often respond to me, “I just can’t conceive of how God can make me righteous.” I reply, “I’ve got a better question. How could God make Jesus become sin?”

Bob George, Classic Christianity

What a paradox! What irony! What an exchange!


Yes. Precisely, exchange.

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Restored |

Restored: How To Get Back in the Family

This is part of my manifesto series.
You can download my Fully Satisfied Manifesto for FREE here.

Because of Jesus we have a restored relationship with our Father.

Orphans. Lost. Astray.

Like a child who’s lived foster care and is adopted by his birth parents, we are a family again!

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