Can I be honest with you? Evangelism isn’t one of my strong passions.

I don’t have what you call as “consuming burden for the lost.” I want them to hear and be saved, but it’s not one of my overwhelming compulsions. I know people that want to visit every person everywhere and tell them about Jesus, I don’t have “that”. Does this make me a bad Christian? I don’t know, maybe. However, I do believe that we, as Christians, should be able to answer some direct questions about our faith and what we believe when asked. Once we can answer these questions easily, it will make evangelism so much easier.

Who is God to you?

Father? Task-master? “The Man Upstairs?” Santa Clause? Zeus? Angry Father? Absent?

I think this is the most foundational questions a Christian has to answer. This question cuts to the root of how you see the world. We must know exactly who God is to us so that we can accurately re-present Him to others.

What has He done for you?

The answer to this question takes God from being “out there” to close, personal and involved in our lives. This question gives us the opportunity to tell of specific instances of how He has directly affected our lives. We must have an answer to this question. Once people know that we believe in God they want to know the “…and then?What good does believing in a God who has done nothing in our lives?

Why should believing in God matter to anyone else?

Just because having belief in God works for you, why should it for anyone else? Having belief in God changes everything! This is the heart of why evangelism is the priority of every believer. The truth that God believes in us gives us to ability to believe in Him.


Hopefully, now that you have answered these three direct questions you feel more empowered and encouraged to share your faith. Settle these answers in your heart and let them show in your life.

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