I have a current three-year-old. I’ve had two other kids work their way through the three-year journey. I have one more child to make the trek.

Three-year-olds are interesting creatures: too old for some stuff not old enough for others. There’s plenty that can be learned for looking at kids. Jesus even told us to be like them.

Here are a few things I’ve learned.

Be Passionate

If you don’t know anything about three-year-old’s know this, they are passionate. It’s ok to be passionate. You don’t have the right movie on Netflix? Let someone know! Did you manage to crawl over the gate at the bottom of the stairs? Yell and let everyone know! You have to go potty RIGHT NOW? Scream and run!

It’s ok to be passionate. It’s ok to care about things. It’s ok to be happy or sad. Be ok with being passionate!

Be Full of Life

Three-year-olds seem to run on unlimited energy. Nap time? Nah. Bedtime? Later. Rest? What’s that?

Being full of life doesn’t mean being active all the time. It does mean enjoying every moment, even the bad ones.

Be Quick to Forgive

There have been several times I’ve seen my three-year-old in some type of argument/altercation with a sibling. Once the issue is settled, he can go from tears and be yelling to laughing and forgiveness in a breath. I want to be like that.

Use Your Imagination

Get lost in your own world of your imagination. Imagination is an amazing gift! Imagination allows you to escape the world you live in and choose your own adventure.

Play Favorites

My three-year-old is a blanket baby. He has a blanket that is his comfort utility. He has a favorite toy, which changes every week of so.

Favorites aren’t bad. I have a favorite brand of pen that I love. I have a favorite brand of computer. Know what you like and stick with it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

My three year old can’t do some things. He can’t open the gate on the stairs, he can climb over it. He can’t buckle his car seat by himself. He can’t refill his juice. He can’t get his own breakfast in the mornings. He can’t read or spell. But, he does know how to ask for help.

Asking for help doesn’t make you weak or less than anyone else. Everyone has things they can’t do.

For example, I’m not good at math, ie. budgeting. That’s why God gave me Anna. She’s great, btw! I can always ask for help from her.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try it Yourself

Take risks. Jump off the couch. Take a leap off the porch. Are you scared, of course. Learn how to buckle/unbuckle yourself in your car seat. Try building a house with Legos. Try writing your name.

At some point in life, we all must do something by ourselves for ourselves. It’s ok to be scared. But you must try.

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