This is a guest post from Kalyn Mullis. She is a fantastic writer but more than that a great friend!

What to do when nobody knows your heart is broken.

I’m the poster child for wanting people to not worry about me. I don’t tell my family when I need money. I don’t tell my friends when I’m sad. And I definitely don’t want anyone to know if I have a broken heart. I want the people I love to come to me for help. I don’t want to go to them. So if you’re living with a broken heart, but plastering a smile on your face, I get it–trust me. But I have some things to tell you.

  1. Secrets will break you. Whatever it is that is breaking your heart will eventually swallow you. Bring that thing to the light. Find someone to tell. Don’t keep it inside. No man is an island.

  2. If you’re lumping God into that pile of people that you don’t want to see your brokenness, you’re making a fatal mistake. When you’re hurting, everyone seems distant. No one seems close. God is not distant. He is an ever-present help in times of trouble. He is the anointing that mends broken hearts. He is the One who makes all things work together for your good. And He’s the only one who knows your full story.

  3. Your friends and family aren’t as weak as you think they are. Chances are, they can handle what you’re going through. God places the lonely in families. The family (blood or not) that you’ve been placed in, you were placed in by God. Confide in them. Lean on them. Again, no man is an island. We need each other.

  4. Pride perpetuates the problem. It is our pride that keeps us distant from our family and friends. It is our pride that keeps us from hitting our knees. It is our pride that keeps us putting on a happy face when we’re broken. God resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble. If we could just allow ourselves to be humbled by our brokenness…wow. Imagine what God could do with a heart like that.

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