Jesus is the perfect representation of the Father.

Fully Satisfied Manifesto

The entire reason Jesus came was to show us the Father. Jesus didn’t stand with a finger pointing up to an ambiguous heaven. He stood with all of heaven inside and pointed to Himself.


It’s a cop out to look at Jesus as he talked about our Father and think of a distant and almost absent dad.

“Our Father who art in Heaven…uh, somewhere out there, vaguely dwelling in a dimension one day we’ll all know is a certainty.”

No, our Father is perfectly pictured in the loving face of Jesus. Colossians says that Jesus is the “icon” of God. The visible image of the invisible God.

Finally! The God who was fuzzy has come into focus.


Jesus, being full of God, was able to point to Himself to see the Father. Jesus would also point out from himself to show how the Father acts. Jesus pointed to others, the poor, and the marginalized as those who He came to serve.

  • Jesus came for the sick.
  • Jesus came for the one.
  • Jesus came for the broken.
  • Jesus came for the enemies.
  • Jesus came for the outcasts.

He talked about this in countless parables and conversations all throughout the gospels.

To see Christ is to see God. But, since we cannot see Jesus physically as the disciples did, we have to look at how Jesus acted and taught to see the picture of God.

Jesus is God. God is love. Jesus showed us what God in action looks like, love.

I love this quote from Brad Jersak in his book, A More Christlike God.

To look at Jesus—especially on the Cross, says 1 John—is to behold the clearest depiction of the God who is love (1 John 4:8). I’ve come to believe that Jesus alone is perfect theology.

Brad Jersak, A More Christlike God

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