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Risk or How To Stick Your Neck Out

“Craving clarity, we attempt to eliminate the risk of trusting God. Fear of the unknown path stretching ahead of us destroys childlike trust in the Father’s active goodness and unrestricted love.”
– Brennan Manning, Ruthless Trust: The Ragamuffins Guide to God

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve had this phrase running through my mind, “The risk of trust.”

Why is it so hard for us to trust? I’ve been thinking about this in regards to God’s unconditional love.

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Already |

Already or How To Find What Wasn’t Lost

“He forgave you before you repented. That’s crucial. See, that is why it is so outrageous. The gospel is really vulgar, crass and immoral because it says God forgives the world before it repents. In the gospel, repent is always repent and believe. It means turn yourself around from not trusting the forgiveness and trust it. That’s it. It doesn’t mean that you earn it by repenting. You had it before.”

Robert Farrar Capon

This has been a hard pill to swallow for me. I’m not sure why, but I have an idea.


Everything around me from work, family, and culture tells me that I have to do something.

Scratch my back I’ll scratch yours.

Eye for an eye

Do unto others as they have done to you. WFV

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Root |

Root or How To Live in the Extreme

Jesus doesn’t just deal with splinters, He takes care of the root.

I have four children. three of which are mobile and highly active, one is an infant. I have dealt with my share of cuts, scrapes, scratches, and splinters. I have taken the time with each of them to clean it, bandage it, and kiss it. This is similar to how Jesus helps us. But, He takes it up a notch.

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Filters |

Filters or How To Walk in the Sun

If God delights in showing mercy and mercy triumphs over judgement, then God delights in overturning judgement.

Recently, our church has been singing this song by Amanda Cook called “Mercy“. In this song, she sings the scripture Micah 7:18. These lyrics started my brain on a journey to my heart.


Who is a God like You, who forgives wickedness And passes over the rebellious acts of the remnant of His possession? He does not retain His anger forever, Because He [constantly] delights in mercy and lovingkindness.

Micah 7:18 AMP

I’m not sure how many times I can count that I’ve heard this scripture. But, I’m not sure that until recently I’ve heard it as God intended. Why? Filters. Not the good kind of filter like a Brita© that removes impurities, but the kinds a lighting director for a film would put on lights to change the color or direction. I would read/hear that scripture and filter it like,

“Who is a God like You, who hold wickedness against people and will not relent over the rebellious act of the remant of His possession? He does retain His anger forever, Because He delights in judgement.”

Micah 7:18 WFV (Wrong Filtered Version)

This is not ok thinking.
This is wholly unhealthy.
This is wrong.

The truth is I hoped the filter was skewing my interpretation of the scripture. But I didn’t know how to remove it. So, I left it alone and just decided to deal with it.

From Slavery to Promise

Much like the children of Israel, who were miraculously liberated from Egypt yet had to endure the journey to Canaan, so was my brain to remove these filters. Israel had to learn to depend solely on the love and care of this God they’d heard about for centuries. Where they were going they could no longer depend on the slight benevolence of Pharaoh. To say the wilderness proved to be tough for them is being nice. What does the wilderness do?  It removed their “Pharaoh Filter.” I’m not sure where I’ve heard the term “Pharoah Filter”, but I”m pretty sure it’s not original. This is the filter that skews everything we receive and hear from our Authority. It looks for the hidden motive or agenda behind everything. It can’t believe that our Authority actually means what they say. It says that our Authority wouldn’t have our best in their intentions for us, they only want to use us for their purposes (think pyramids).

Just like Pharaoh didn’t want the Israelites to leave because he would lose his workforce, man-made religion doesn’t want people to actually be free because it would lose its slaves for whatever work it chooses as necessary.

Let me be clear: religion, as defined in the Bible, is awesome and commended. Man-made religion is sucky and to be condemned.

Milk and Honey

The children of promised lived in slavery with the hope of one day getting to the Promised Land. For most, they never saw this promise. They died in the slavery. What was God’s intention for them? Milk and Honey. What was their current situation? Poor Man’s Bread and Bitter Herbs. God’s intention for you is not the wilderness. You may have to pass through the wilderness to get to the promise He’s given you, but you don’t have to stay there. You don’t even have to be in the wilderness long. His intention for you is to live in the land of promise.

The land that flows with sweet things.
The land that is not constricted.
The land that is spacious.

Why “milk and honey?” Milk can represent richness and honey can represent sweetness. He wants us to live in a land and have a life that is rich and sweet. Not only for ourselves but for everyone we come into contact with.

So, how are we supposed to function as He intended while dealing with these filters?

We can’t.

That’s why we must let God be God and do what only God can do – love us into wholeness.

Defiant |

Defiant or How To Get A Full Strength Life

It’s time to enjoy grace anew – not the decaffeinated grace that pats us on the hand, ignores our deepest rebellions and doesn’t change us, but the high-octane grace that takes our conscience by the scruff of the neck and breathes new life into us with a pardon so scandalous that we cannot help but be changed. It’s time to blow aside the hazy cloud of condemnation that hangs over us throughout the day with the strong wind of gospel grace. Jesus is real; grace is defiant; life is short; risk is good. For many of us the time has come to abandon once and for all play-it-safe, toe dabbling Christianity and dive in.

Dane Ortland

Welcome to the new world! Welcome to the new day! Welcome to the new life!

Here are some rules for your new life.

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Vacancy |

Vacancy or How To Get the Best Room in the House

The giving up of God’s self in order not to give up on humanity…the arms of the crucified are open—a sign of a space in God’s self and an invitation for the enemy to come in.
Miroslav Volf

Our Saviour was brought into the world  to the sounds of animals. He was shut out of the world of people.

No room.

But, at His death, with His arms outstretched, He invited the whole world into Himself. He had plenty of room for all of His creation to live in.


Whosoever will.

All are welcome to the table of Grace.

So spacious is he, so roomy, that everything of God finds its proper place in him without crowding.

Colossians 1:19 Message

Gush |

Gush or How To Get Into the Flow of Life

The Holy Spirit is the extravagant Administrator of the salvation of Jesus Christ; he gushes forth in our midst like an artesian well.

(An artesian well is a well sunk through solid strata of sedimentary rock into strata from an area of a higher altitude than that of the well, so that there is sufficient pressure to force water to flow upwards. From the French word, artesian, referring to the old French province Artois, where such wells were common. In John 7:37-39, John records how Jesus witnessed the eighth day, the great and final day of the Feast of Tabernacles, when, according to custom, the High Priest would draw water from the Pool of Siloam with a golden jar, mix the water with wine, and then pour it over the altar while the people would sing with great joy from Psalm 118:25-26, and also Isaiah 12:3; “Therefore with joy shall we draw water from the wells of salvation!” Then, Jesus, knowing that he is the completeness of every prophetic picture and promise, cried out with a loud voice: “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink! If you believe that I am what the scriptures are all about, you will discover that you are what I am all about, and rivers of living waters will gush from your innermost being!” See Rom 5:5)

Titus 3:6 Mirror

I love this translation of this passage.

The picture of Holy Spirit being a gushing well paints the picture that you can’t control His flow. It also shows that there’s no work involved in getting Him to produce Jesus’ salvation. He gives it liberally and continually.

So, what are we supposed to do now that we know this? Let him administrate extravagantly and gush salvation all over us! We get to be the recipient of this glorious salvation!

Intent |

Intent or How To Enjoy the Journey

He rescued the 1integrity of our original 2identity and revealed that we have always been his own from the beginning, even 3before time was. This has nothing to do with anything we did to qualify or disqualify ourselves. We are not talking religious good works or karma here. Jesus unveils grace to be the 4eternal intent of God! Grace celebrates our pre-creation innocence and now declares our redeemed union with God in Christ Jesus.

(1hagios, holiness, purity, integrity kaleo, often translated, holy calling; 2kaleo means to identify by name, to surname; 3pro xronos aionos; pro, before; xronos, a specific space or portion of time, season; aionios, without beginning or end, timeless perpetuity, ages; this was before calendar time existed, before the creation of the galaxies and constellations. There exists a greater dimension to eternity than what we are capable of defining within the confines of space and time! God’s faith anticipated the exact moment of our redeemed union with him for all eternity! What happened to us in Christ is according to God’s eternal purpose (4prothesis), which he has shown in every prophetic pointer and shadow; in the Hebrew tradition the showbread (prothesis) pointed to the true bread from heaven, the authentic word that proceeded from the mouth of God, Jesus the incarnate word sustaining the life of our design. See Heb 9:2   The first tented area was called the Holy Place; the only light here came from the lamp-stand illuminating the table upon which the showbread (prosthesis) was presented, (the lamp-stand was a beautifully crafted golden chandelier portraying budding and blossoming almond branches. Remember that this is also what Jeremiah saw in Jer 1:12, when God said, ‘I am awake over my word to perform it.’ The same Hebrew word is used here, shaqad, the almond was called the ‘awake tree’, because it blossomed first, while the other trees were still in their winter sleep. The show bread pointed towards the daily sustenance of life in the flesh as the ultimate tabernacle of God, realized in the account of Jesus with the two men from Emmaus; their hearts were burning with resonance and faith while he opened the scriptures to them, and then around the table their eyes were opened to recognize him as the fulfillment of scripture, their true meal incarnated: Luke 24:27-31; Man shall not live by bread alone, but by the authentic thought of God, the Word proceeding from his mouth, the original intent, his image and likeness incarnated, revealed and redeemed in human life.)

Titus 1:2 This is the life of the ages that was anticipated for generations; the life of our original design announced by the infallible resolve of God before time or space existed. (Man’s union with God is the original thought that inspired creation. aionios, without beginning or end, timeless perpetuity, ages; xronos, a specific space or portion of time, season. This was before calendar time existed, before the creation of the galaxies and constellations. There exists a greater dimension to eternity than what we are capable of defining within the confines of space and time! God’s faith anticipated the exact moment of our redeemed union with him for all eternity!

This life was made certain before eternal time. (BBE 1949, Bible in Basic English)

2 Timothy 1:9 Mirror

Sorry for the verse and long quote but it was way too good to not share the whole thing.

I had to read it several times. I’m not sure I get all of it, but I do see what Paul was telling Timothy.

Paul is dropping some super heavy and amazing revelation on Timothy here. He’s telling Timothy that grace was the original eternal intent of God for all of us! Grace was not God’s backup plan. Grace was not the scrambling idea of God to combat sin. Grace was not the reluctant antidote to the actions in Eden. Grace was the plan!

It should put our mind at ease that God has a plan for you. The plan began a long time ago and it will continue forever!

Grace puts right was sin put wrong. Grace sets straight what sin skewed. Grace makes perfect was sin marred.

Witnessed |

Witnessed or How To Be a Great Raconteur

We include you in this conversation; you are the immediate audience of the logic of God! This is the word that always was; we saw him incarnate and witnessed his language as defining our lives. In the incarnation Jesus includes mankind in the eternal friendship of the Father and the son! This life now finds expression in an unreserved union. s

1 John 1:3-4 Mirror

Experiences and stories are valuable for relating the overarching story of God’s grace in our lives to those we come in contact with.

The people that John is writing this letter to never met Jesus. They weren’t there with John. But John is able to recount his stories and experiences to them to enforce and enhance the message he is telling them.

He’s using his direct encounters for the sake of the young church.

“I know you weren’t with Him, but let me tell you about Him and what He said while I was.”

What we have today is based on their experiences and builds ours up.

Can we rely explicitly on our experiences? I would tend to say no at this point. We should take our experiences and look at what the people who were with Jesus and had a direct relationship with Him, to see how they line up.

Your stories and encounters can greatly help others that you come into contact with. So don’t be shy about telling them!

Somebody |

Somebody or How To Cheer For the Other Guy

Everybody, even the worst stinker on earth, is somebody for whom Christ died.

Robert F. Capon,  Kingdom, Grace, Judgment

One of the best things about grace and the God who provides it is that I got in on the deal. One of the hardest things about grace and the God who provides it is who else gets in.

It’s selfish for me to accept and relish in God’s amazing grace, but have concerns about who else gets the same pleasure. The thought that I am being critical and judgemental of who God shares His grace with is no different than the attitude of the Pharisee’s of Jesus’ day.

The heart of God is to rejoice with excitement and joy when I hear of someone who I would deem as “unworthy” of God’s grace, receiving and believing! When I do this I am joining in the atmosphere of Heaven and actually answering Jesus’ prayer of Heaven on Earth!

Be like Jesus, love everyone.

Be like the servants in the parables, tell the undeserving.

Be like the Father, prepare rooms for all.

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