We can’t make it happen. It has already happened. God has raised Jesus from the dead in a sovereign act of sheer, powerful grace. So what we have to do is live in the light of His resurrection. That means living out of gratitude rather than grasping.

N.T. Wright, Relevant Magazine

Gone are the days of living in a clawing and striving for salvation mindset. We live in the days of resting in His victory.

The gospel is not advice, recommendations, or suggestions. It’s a declaration! It’s Good News!

We live in His victory. We live in His grace. We live in His pleasure.


This victorious mindset is developed much like a muscle. When you are working out, the first thing that happens is the muscle you are working is broken down. Once the muscle is broken down, it starts to repair and rebuild itself. That’s why you’ll hear trainers talk about proper exercise and technique. In this case, the proper exercise is hearing the gospel and the technique is reminding ourselves of it, constantly.


A minister shocked me once when I asked how to stay in this mindset of resting in Christ’s finished work. I had just heard him teach for two days on the topic and taken a lot of notes, but in this short one-on-one meeting I had a pen and paper ready. His response, “Relax.” Glad I had my paper ready. sarcasm

He elaborated on this, “make sure you relax and surround yourself with people who’ll remind you that Christ has finished the job of securing your salvation.

I think that’s good advice.


Live in the light of Christ’s victory.


Preach the gospel to yourself and surround yourself with people who can do the same.

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