When I go to the pool I don’t ask the lifeguard to be my personal savior if he sees me drowning he saves me that’s what he does. Jesus is the savior of the world my faith does not create his forgiveness, it accepts it.

Connor Shram

I used to be on the swim team when I was younger. I was pretty good at it if I do say so myself. During my tenure on the team, we went through an abbreviated lifeguard training class. It was hard but I loved it. They taught us the first rule of lifeguarding.

Don’t drown with a drowning victim. Save yourself first.

This is a good rule to follow. A drowning victim is frantic and panicked. They can take down with them no matter your skill level. But, Jesus didn’t obey this rule.

He saved us by dying with us.
He held us the whole time.
He never let go.
He never will.

The simplest version of the gospel is God is love. This love is clearly displayed by Jesus. God saves us by raising Jesus from the dead. God’s forgiveness is evident by His resurrection of His son.

His forgiveness is available to all. His love is for all. All we must do is realize that it’s available.

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