Grace is wildly irreligious stuff. It’s more than enough to get God kicked out of the God union that the theologians have formed to keep him on his divine toes so he won’t let the riffraff off scot-free. Sensible people, of course, should need only about thirty seconds of careful thought to realize that getting off scot-free is the only way any of us is going to get off at all. But if all we can think of is God as the Eternal Bookkeeper putting down black marks against sinners–or God as the Celestial Mother-in-Law giving a crystal vase as a present and then inspecting it for chips every time she comes for a visit…well, any serious doctrine of grace is going to scare the rockers right off our little theological hobbyhorses.

– Robert Capon, The Romance of the Word

Scared. What is it about grace that scares us? Is it the possibility of licentiousness? Is it the chance of abuse? Is the thought that once someone has encountered the true, undiluted, Grace of Jesus that they’ll continue doing the things that caused God to act on our behalf in the first place?

I don’t know why grace is scary. But I do know that to think of my life now without this growing revelation of grace is scary.

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