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Sharing: A New Way To Think About Holiness

Holiness is primarily about union with God in Christ and sharing in Christ’s holiness.

Joel Scandrett

Holiness is scary because we’ve viewed it as unattainable. It’s heavy because we’ve felt that we can’t continue in holiness. It’s vague because we aren’t really sure what “holiness” looks like besides the description of God that we’ve heard.

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Being or How To Make Love Move

For many years I told people that God loved them. Now instead, I love them. This is being Jesus.
Jim Palmer

Loving people is the key to showing people the nature of God. Not loving with motive, just loving. Jesus isn’t asking us to do something that He didn’t do. His love was attractive. His love was confusing. His love was real. His love was tangible. His love was pervasive. His love was communal. His love was personal.

Everyone will know you as My followers if you demonstrate your love to others.

John 13:35 Voice

His command for us to love one another comes from His love. The ability to complete His command is empowered by His love.

“Being Jesus” to people around us looks like love in action. In the end, love with movement is all that matters. Love doesn’t have to be forced. We must let our compulsion simply be Spirit within us longing to reach everyone.

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