Living under grace means that we can sin if we so choose. We are free to make foolish choices. ‘Is he saying that since grace covers all sins, I can go out and sin if that’s what I want to do?’ Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying… Yes, you can sin. However, when you understand your identity in Christ, you don’t want to sin.

Steve McVey

“Wait just a minute! You’re going to give people a license to sin!”

That would be the typical response. It’s understandable. It’s rational. But, God and the grace He gives are not understandable or rational.

Think about it this way, once my wife has declared her undying love for me how could I turn and say “Thanks, now I’m going to go out do whatever I want.”. That doesn’t make sense either. The proper response would be spending everyday telling her how much I love her. Now, this isn’t a perfect example, I don’t know that there is one. But I think it helps prove the point.

Those born from God don’t practice sin because God’s DNA remains in them. They can’t sin because they are born from God.

1 John 3:9 CEB

So, according to this verse, if you wanted to sin you’d have to become someone else or forget who you are to do it. Let’s not have an identity crisis going on.