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Love God and Do What You Want

People want to hear the Good News but they dread the Good News. I don’t know why they dread it so much but they do. We are afraid of it. We are afraid of really being forgiven and being free. It’s very strange.

Robert F. Capon

What is it about freedom that really excites and scares us?

Could it be that since all we’ve known is fences and the possibility of open land is terrifying?

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Pardon |

Pardon: How To Unnerve People With the Truth

Forgiveness, or pardon, is not heaven any more than a medicine is health. Pardon is proclaimed freely and universally; it is perfectly gratuitous, unconditional and unlimited. But heaven is limited to those who are sanctified by the belief of the pardon.
Thomas Erskine, The Unconditional Freeness of the Gospel

While deep down I believe this statement, it still makes me a little nervous. It doesn’t make me nervous because of the potentiality that it’s a lie, but because of the potentiality that it’s the truth!

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Liberal |

Liberal: How To Give Things Away

The receivers of grace should be the best  and most liberal givers of grace.

As many of you know, I have 4 children. I am a blessed man. My third child, Oliver, is my cuddle bug. He likes to be held. At night, we rock him for a few minutes, talk about the day, and prepare him for sleep. Recently, he has wanted us to sing Amazing Grace to him. Sometimes, I sing all the words out loud other times I just hum the melody. He likes both. I do too.

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Choose |

Choose: How To Be a Good Passenger

Will I choose water over wine and hold my own and drive?

Incubus, Drive

I was listening to a 90’s Spotify station the other day and this song came on. I love this song. I’ve heard it hundreds of times. I know all the lyrics, however, on this most recent listen this line stood out to me.

How many times have I chosen the natural over the miracle?
How many times have I chosen the hard way over the easy?
How many times have I chosen the bland over the spectacular?

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Living under grace means that we can sin if we so choose. We are free to make foolish choices. ‘Is he saying that since grace covers all sins, I can go out and sin if that’s what I want to do?’ Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying… Yes, you can sin. However, when you understand your identity in Christ, you don’t want to sin.

Steve McVey

“Wait just a minute! You’re going to give people a license to sin!”

That would be the typical response. It’s understandable. It’s rational. But, God and the grace He gives are not understandable or rational.

Think about it this way, once my wife has declared her undying love for me how could I turn and say “Thanks, now I’m going to go out do whatever I want.”. That doesn’t make sense either. The proper response would be spending everyday telling her how much I love her. Now, this isn’t a perfect example, I don’t know that there is one. But I think it helps prove the point.

Those born from God don’t practice sin because God’s DNA remains in them. They can’t sin because they are born from God.

1 John 3:9 CEB

So, according to this verse, if you wanted to sin you’d have to become someone else or forget who you are to do it. Let’s not have an identity crisis going on.


“I am and I am not a universalist. I am one if you are talking about what God in Christ has done to save the world. The Lamb of God has not taken away the sins of some — of only the good, or the cooperative, or the select few who can manage to get their act together and die as perfect peaches. He has taken away the sins of the world — of every last being in it — and he has dropped them down the black hole of Jesus’ death. On the cross, he has shut up forever on the subject of guilt: “There is therefore now no condemnation. . .” All human beings, at all times and places, are home free whether they know it or not, feel it or not, believe it or not.

But I am not a universalist if you are talking about what people may do about accepting that happy-go-lucky gift of God’s grace. I take with utter seriousness everything that Jesus had to say about hell, including the eternal torment that such a foolish non-acceptance of his already-given acceptance must entail. All theologians who hold Scripture to be the Word of God must inevitably include in their work a tractate on hell. But I will not — because Jesus did not — locate hell outside the realm of grace. Grace is forever sovereign, even in Jesus’ parables of judgment. No one is ever kicked out at the end of those parables who wasn’t included in at the beginning.

Robert Capon

Unending Love

Another reason perfect love is difficult to comprehend is that it has no end. Since there is no human basis for its beginning, there’s nothing we can do to end it. It’s unending love. God’s perfect love is eternal love. It can’t be earned by what you do nor forfeited by what you don’t do. You can choose to receive it, or you can choose to ignore it, but you can’t end it. God will not force you to enjoy his love, but you can’t stop him from offering it.

Dudley Hall, Grace Works

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