Jesus said, ‘Whoever wants to come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.’… This Scripture is not a call for the self-sacrifice of the disciples or the believer but a call to follow and trust in Christ and His work that He was about to accomplish on the cross… In the most practical sense, Jesus was saying… ‘You boys better stick me with Me; I know what I’m doing. Don’t go running off on your own and getting yourselves into trouble. Just trust Me!’

Benjamin Dunn, The Happy Gospel

The moment we take off on our own and leave the rest and ease that Jesus offers, we journey down the road of self-salvation. Don’t go down that road. It will not end well. But, really it’s not that we have to leave Jesus to start trying to save ourselves. All we have to do is put or accept undue burdens on our own shoulders.

What Jesus promised was an easy yoke and a light burden. What I’ve experienced has been weight, to-dos, and the condemnation of failing to succeed. Then one day I heard about His death that provided me grace.


Life isn’t always easy. Count on it. But life with Jesus in control is better. Count on it. The bible says the God’s commands are not heavy, irksome, or grievous. His command is to simply believe in Jesus.

So, obey. Stick with Jesus. Trust that He has all this. Trust that He did it all.

Obey and Trust.

If it’s not easy and it’s not light, it’s not Jesus.

Elyse Fitzpatrick