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You Can't Plan It Out But You Can Get In The River

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You Can't Plan It Out But You Can Get In The River

You Can’t Plan It Out But You Can Get In The River

The journey of holiness is not one of arriving, it’s simply staying in the river.

Stop worrying about making it to “holiness” as if it’s a destination on the map. Your arrival isn’t dependent on you doing or not doing something. It’s simply yielding to the river that surrounds you.

What’s the river? God.

Why must we trust Him for our holiness? He knows the way and He’s the one who makes us holy.

You can’t push (don’t do) something to move the river nor can you pull (do) something to make the river move. You can only stay in the water and let the current move you downstream. You MUST trust the river.

The flow of the river doesn’t care if you’re perfect. The flow of the river doesn’t care if you’re right. The flow of the river doesn’t care about your denominational affiliation. The river only cares about you getting in and enjoying the ride.

So, what’s your to-do list for holiness?

  1. Get in the river.
  2. Trust the river.
  3. Stay in the river.

I hope I didn’t lose you in the river metaphor. I thought it was just a decent one to get my thought across.

Check out these scripture for more information.

  • Hebrews 10:10
  • 1 Corinthians 1:30
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:23-28
Does Your Holiness Make You Happy?

Does Your Holiness Make You Happy?

Holiness is not just a work but fruit.

Fully Satisfied Manifesto

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We recently talked about holiness. Holiness is about sharing. Holiness is about looking like Jesus. Holiness is about representing God. But does your holiness make you happy? It should.

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Sharing: A New Way To Think About Holiness

Holiness is primarily about union with God in Christ and sharing in Christ’s holiness.

Joel Scandrett

Holiness is scary because we’ve viewed it as unattainable. It’s heavy because we’ve felt that we can’t continue in holiness. It’s vague because we aren’t really sure what “holiness” looks like besides the description of God that we’ve heard.

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Close |


Jesus is not the man at the top of the stairs; He is the man at the bottom, the friend of sinners, the Savior of those in need of one. Which is all of us, all of the time.

Tullian Tchividjian – It Is Finished: 365 Days of Good News

Jesus, the friend of sinners. You know what that means? He’s my friend. He’s my close friend.

We can’t wall Jesus off as too sacred to be touched by the woman with the issue of blood. Or too holy to enjoy a dinner party a Zacchaeus’ house. We can’t keep Him locked away in a book during the week and pull Him out on church days. We can’t relegate Him to a far off Heaven and banish Him from where we are.

He’s near. He’s not too holy or sacred to be around you and your sin. How could He be distant since He came to live among us!? He’s as close as your thoughts. He’s as near as your heart.

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