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7 Things I've Learned About Life From My Three Year Old

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7 Things I've Learned About Life From My Three Year Old

7 Things I’ve Learned About Life From My Three Year Old

I have a current three-year-old. I’ve had two other kids work their way through the three-year journey. I have one more child to make the trek.

Three-year-olds are interesting creatures: too old for some stuff not old enough for others. There’s plenty that can be learned for looking at kids. Jesus even told us to be like them.

Here are a few things I’ve learned.

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“Christianity is not about learning how to live within the lines; Christianity is about the joy of coloring.”

Mike Yaconelli

I have three young children. Two of which like to color, the other likes to put the colors in his mouth. I’ve sat down with them on several occasions to color and draw. Most of the time when I color with them, I end up getting frustrated with them because they can’t stay in the lines and their color choices. ((1. I’m a creative guy. I like to dream and think. But sometimes trying to color with my kids is nerve-wracking.)) Now, to be honest, I’ve thought that God has viewed dealing with me the same way.

The truth is, when I hold my kids to my standard, all that can happen is I get frustrated.  When I accept the fact that they are in fact children and learning, I enjoy the process.

God, the Ultimate Father, is the same.

He loves the beautiful ways in which you color your life. He’s not afraid if you happen to color outside the lines. He’s excited to take your life’s work, hang it on his refrigerator, and show everyone how much you’ve learned.

Pull out the colors. Grab some paper. Get in the floor with and spend time with your Father.

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