“Original sin” is not the foundation of human being. Prior to what we call “original sin” is original goodness. God said so. So cheer up.


Brian Zahnd

Original sin.This topic is a super deep theological discussion that I do not want to dive into here. I love this quote because I think Brian sums up what has been rolling around my brain for a few years.

The story of creation shows us that at humanity’s inception God said we were very good. Now, we all know that sin entered the world and the rest as they say is history. But, let’s not move past what God has spoken. Let’s only move further into what He has said. Let it seep into every fiber of who you are and what you do.

He sees you as good. He spoke it from the beginning. Sure, sin had it’s way. Sure, you let it take you with it. But, you are good. Because of Jesus and his ever-flowing grace, God sees you as good.

Rest here.