The cross is the full and final revelation of God. God’s nature of forgiving love is supremely demonstrated at the cross. Vengeance had been canceled in favor of love. Retaliation was overruled in favor of reconciliation. Protest had been abandoned in favor of forgiveness. This is the cruciform.

– Brian Zahnd, End of the Line

The cruciform.

This is a large theological topic. You’ll need a little understanding about this before we continue. This is a great article on the topic. But, to capture the ocean in a thimble read this:

On the cross, Jesus reveals a God who does not cause others to suffer and die, but who suffers and dies Himself for the sake of others.


It’s ok if you feel your brain starting to break. Mine did.

The cruciform, and related topics, is a foundational thought of how we view Father God. Viewing God as the Savior of sinners is the picture we see painted at Calvary.

Calvary is like “Mary Poppins handbag.” There is so much inside of it that it will take eternity for us to unpack what happened. But, it’s not just about Jesus dying for our sins. It’s about Jesus showing what God is like, giving.

Giving in love.

Giving in salvation.

Giving in forgiveness.

Giving in hope.

Giving in joy.

Giving in righteousness.

Giving in faith.

Giving in goodness.

…and countless others.

His giving nature is what Jesus spoke about in the world’s most famous verse, John 3:16-18.

God is a lover AND God is a giver. God loves humanity so He sent Himself as a human to redeem humanity.

We need to wrestle with and fully grasp that because God is good and loves us that Calvary was His true nature expressed. It’s not pretty or nice. But when we look at Jesus on the cross we have to see goodness and love.