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Before | BobbyShirley


Do you remember what it was like before you fell? It’s time to rethink and change your ways; go back to how you first acted.
Revelation 2:5a Voice

Remember Eden, the Garden of Pleasure. You were formed from its dust.

Remember perfection, made in the image of your Father. It’s your initial state.

Remember love, made from the fellowship of the Trinity. Desire and Love birthed you.

Remember joy, the delight of the Maker. You are good and you make Him happy.

Remember union, joined with the Divine. You are made to partake of Life Himself.

Plan | BobbyShirley


In Jesus’ death and resurrection, the whole test-passing, brownie-point-earning rigmarole of the human race has been canceled for lack of interest on God’s part.

– Robert F. Capon, “The Mystery of Christ…and Why We Don’t Get It

Jesus’ arrival, life, and victory on the cross is the flat announcement that God was done with our attempts at our own righteousness. Not in a fed-up, frustrated way but in the way a husband surprises his wife with the vacation she’s been pinching every penny to be able to go on.

You can’t think of God on the cross as a last-ditch, bottom-of-the-ninth swing for the fence but the revelation of the plan. Not plan “B”. The plan. Was it God’s intention for sin to enter his pristine paradise? No. But, is He using it to reveal Himself as loving savior to and for us? Yes.

Tired. Exasperated. Frustrated. Overworked. Tense. Scared. Failing.

That’s what defines what the human race looked like to me prior to the cross. And, in some ways how we still look trying so hard to earn the medal that’s already around our neck.

We, me included, must realize that what Jesus did for us was really enough. We can’t begin to add to it. All we can do simply believe it and receive it.

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