This is a guest post by my good friend and brother, Tim Wright. You all need to find him and follow him on all the social media outlets. His writing and personality are so approachable and humble. This post blessed me. I need to read it everyday.

To seal our sonship, God has commissioned the Spirit of sonship to resonate the Abba echo within our hearts; and now, in our innermost being we recognize Him as our true and very dear Father.

Paul, Galatians 4:6, The Mirror

It’s one thing to say that Jesus made us God’s children.

It’s a-whole-nother’ thing to say that Christ revealed that we have ALWAYS been the children of God.

The gospel is not telling someone that God CAN be their Father, should they repent and believe.

The gospel is announcing to you that you ARE God’s child. And that Truth is realized in Jesus Christ. And NOW, you can be free and believe it.

God is the Father of the human race. ALWAYS has been. ALWAYS will be.

Jesus is the solid proof that mankind’s very origin is God.

So if Jesus didn’t make us God’s kids, then what the heck did he do?

Jesus is mankind’s second birth.

The person of Christ is humanity’s born again experience.

There was a need for a second birth.

Our first birth had grown into the twisted blackness of independence.

We were “lapsing into non-existence” as Athanasius put it.

But God didn’t start from scratch.

In Christ, He has made something totally new and unheard of before out of you and Himself.

And that new creation is named Jesus.

Jesus is the unveiling of who man and God have ALWAYS been.

In his very essence, Jesus is the “coming of age” of the human race.

In Him, you have arrived at the pinnacle of spiritual maturity.

In Him, you and I have walked across the graduation platform of the ages and received our certificate of completion!

In Christ, we gaze clearly at the face of God who has ALWAYS been our Papa.

Papa doesn’t love you because Jesus died for you.

Jesus died for you because Papa has ALWAYS loved you.

And that, my sweet friends, is the message that awakens Papa’s very own faith within the corridors of your soul.

As a gift. Effortlessly.

You are Papa’s child.

You ALWAYS have been loved.

You ALWAYS will be loved.