When Hagar ran away from Abram and Sarai she was pregnant with Ishmael. Her attitude had caused Sarai to feel threatened and angry. While running away she encountered the angel of the Lord. He gave her clear instructions about her attitude and he told her about her son.
Now, what he told her about her son was not a positive word. Not the type of word a mother wants to get about her unborn child. Still after hearing this word she was still able to say,

13 She answered God by name, praying to the God who spoke to her, “You’re the God who sees me!
“Yes! He saw me; and then I saw him!”

14 That’s how that desert spring got named “God-Alive-Sees-Me Spring.” That spring is still there, between Kadesh and Bered.

Genesis 16:13-14

Do you have the ability to receive a word that’s not what you wanted or see circumstances not go as planned yet still be able to drink from the well of the God who sees you?

He sees you. He loves you. Is that enough to sustain you?