God loves you so utterly and completely that he has given himself for you in Jesus Christ his beloved Son, and has thereby pledged his very being as God for your salvation. In Jesus Christ God has actualised his unconditional love for you in your human nature in such a once for all way, that he cannot go back upon it without undoing the Incarnation and the Cross and thereby denying himself. Jesus Christ died for you precisely because you are sinful and utterly unworthy of him, and has thereby already made you his own before and apart from your ever believing in him. He has bound you to himself by his love in a way that he will never let you go, for even if you refuse him and damn yourself in hell his love will never cease. Therefore, repent and believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.

T. F. Torrance – The Mediation of Christ

“Bound me to Himself”. Whoa.


What a freeing truth! If he’s bound me to Him, what can I do to sever that connection?

38  This is my conviction, no threat whether it be in death or life; be it angelic beings, demon powers or political principalities, nothing known to us at this time, or even in the unknown future;

39  no dimension of any calculation in time or space, nor any device yet to be invented, has what it takes to separate us from the love of God demonstrated in Christ. Jesus is our ultimate authority.

Romans 8:38-39 MIRROR

So, my trust in His ability to bind us together is what connects me to His love. Understand this though, my untrust in His ability to bind us together does not negate His love. It simply blinds me to Him and His love. Trust or faith is simply my agreement with what is actually true.