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Together or How to Get With the Popular Crowd

You dissolved all definition of division
Rendered useless, the system of the Law
You removed hostility by crucifixion
You redeemed our separation from the fall

You brought us in

We are…
Fully represented
Fully reconciled
We are beautifully included
In You

Tim Wright, Beautifully Included

I love these song lyrics.

These lyrics are the poetic interpretation of what Paul tells us in Ephesians 2. No longer just a corpse, but a person. No longer an outcast, but an insider. No longer a slave, but a prince!

2:5 This is how grace rescued us: sin left us dead towards God, like spiritual corpses; yet in that state of deadness and indifference, God co-quickened us together with Christ. Sin proved how dead we were (the law confirmed it!) Grace reveals how alive we now are (the gospel announces it!) Before anyone but God believed it, he made us alive together with him and raised us up together with him. (We had no contribution to our salvation! God’s master-plan unfolded in the mystery of the gospel declaring our joint inclusion in Christ’s death and resurrection; God found us in Christ before he lost us in Adam! [Eph 1:4] In the economy of God, when Jesus died we died. God saw us in Christ, in his death and resurrection before we saw ourselves there! He declared our co-resurrection with Christ 800 BC [Hos 6:2]!)

2:6  (As much as we were co-included in his death,) we are co-included in his resurrection. We are also elevated in his ascension to be equally present in the throne room of the heavenly realm where we are co-seated with him in his executive authority. We are fully represented in Christ Jesus. (Our joint position in Christ defines us; this can never again be a distant goal to reach through religious devotion or striving, but our immediate reference. Col 3:1-3)

Ephesians 2:5-6 Mirror

We no longer have to feel separated and segregated. We are fully known and completely included.

Christ chose us to included in His life! What an amazing revelation! How sweet of Jesus to allow former dead men and women to be welcomed into His life and His life is abundant. Let’s start today to live from this truth.

When Jesus died, I died. When Jesus was resurrected, I was resurrected. When Jesus ascended to His seat beside God, I did too. I am forever together with Jesus.



I don’t want a band-aid for an ancient disease, I want the full strength of Calvary.

Tim Wright, Satisfied

The Law.

The perfect, holy Law of God.

The Ten Commandments.

For the most part, Leviticus.

Paul says about the law was that it was brought in so that the trespass would increase. The law ‘could’ save us if we kept it perfectly every time, all the time. But we couldn’t. No one but Jesus could do that. But boy, we try.

Jesus did perfectly what we could only try and fail to do. We tried for centuries to fulfill the law by the sweat of our brow and the keenness of our minds. Jesus once and for all fulfilled it.

The problem is that Jesus did all this a long time ago, yet we are still trying to earn the free gift he has given us. The only way we can “earn” this gift of salvation is to just give up. When we give up, we aren’t to do nothing. We give up in our efforts to save ourselves. We must take the focus of our salvation off of us and place it solely on Jesus. The author and finisher and fixer of our faith. He is the only one who can fix us.

15 But the gift of God through Christ is a very different matter from the “account rendered” through the sin of Adam. For while as a result of one man’s sin death by natural consequence became the common lot of men, it was by the generosity of God, the free giving of the grace of one man Jesus Christ, that the love of God overflowed for the benefit of all men.

16 Nor is the effect of God’s gift the same as the effect of that one man’s sin. For in the one case one man’s sin brought its inevitable judgment, and the result was condemnation. But, in the other, countless men’s sins are met with the free gift of grace, and the result is justification before God.

17 For if one man’s offence meant that men should be slaves to death all their lives, it is a far greater thing that through another man, Jesus Christ, men by their acceptance of his more than sufficient grace and righteousness, should live all their lives like kings!

18-19 We see, then, that as one act of sin exposed the whole race of men to God’s judgment and condemnation, so one act of perfect righteousness presents all men freely acquitted in the sight of God. One man’s disobedience placed all men under the threat of condemnation, but one man’s obedience has the power to present all men righteous before God.

20-21 Now we find that the Law keeps slipping into the picture to point the vast extent of sin. Yet, though sin is shown to be wide and deep, thank God his grace is wider and deeper still! The whole outlook changes—sin used to be the master of men and in the end handed them over to death: now grace is the ruling factor, with righteousness as its purpose and its end the bringing of men to the eternal life of God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Romans 5:15-21 J.B. Phillips

Fixed it.

Always |


This is a guest post by my good friend and brother, Tim Wright. You all need to find him and follow him on all the social media outlets. His writing and personality are so approachable and humble. This post blessed me. I need to read it everyday.

To seal our sonship, God has commissioned the Spirit of sonship to resonate the Abba echo within our hearts; and now, in our innermost being we recognize Him as our true and very dear Father.

Paul, Galatians 4:6, The Mirror

It’s one thing to say that Jesus made us God’s children.

It’s a-whole-nother’ thing to say that Christ revealed that we have ALWAYS been the children of God.

The gospel is not telling someone that God CAN be their Father, should they repent and believe.

The gospel is announcing to you that you ARE God’s child. And that Truth is realized in Jesus Christ. And NOW, you can be free and believe it.

God is the Father of the human race. ALWAYS has been. ALWAYS will be.

Jesus is the solid proof that mankind’s very origin is God.

So if Jesus didn’t make us God’s kids, then what the heck did he do?

Jesus is mankind’s second birth.

The person of Christ is humanity’s born again experience.

There was a need for a second birth.

Our first birth had grown into the twisted blackness of independence.

We were “lapsing into non-existence” as Athanasius put it.

But God didn’t start from scratch.

In Christ, He has made something totally new and unheard of before out of you and Himself.

And that new creation is named Jesus.

Jesus is the unveiling of who man and God have ALWAYS been.

In his very essence, Jesus is the “coming of age” of the human race.

In Him, you have arrived at the pinnacle of spiritual maturity.

In Him, you and I have walked across the graduation platform of the ages and received our certificate of completion!

In Christ, we gaze clearly at the face of God who has ALWAYS been our Papa.

Papa doesn’t love you because Jesus died for you.

Jesus died for you because Papa has ALWAYS loved you.

And that, my sweet friends, is the message that awakens Papa’s very own faith within the corridors of your soul.

As a gift. Effortlessly.

You are Papa’s child.

You ALWAYS have been loved.

You ALWAYS will be loved.


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