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Greatness: How To Have Real Authority

Do you know what greatness looks like in God’s kingdom? – Bowl bearing, towel carrying, washing of feet.

Rusty Nelson

Serving. Preferring. Honoring.

For most of us, this is not in our nature. It doesn’t come naturally. I am one of those. I’m typically a little more selfish. I’m working on it. But it’s a process.

These are all things that Jesus modeled beautifully for us. Just the fact that He came is a picture of this.

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I once assumed (along with the vast majority of professing Christians) that the gospel was simply what non-Christians must believe in order to be saved before advancing into deeper theological waters after their conversion. I didn’t realize that once God rescues sinners, his plan isn’t to steer us beyond the gospel but to move us more deeply into it. The good news that Jesus paid it all not only ignites the Christian life but fuels it as well.

Tullian Tchividjian, One Way Love

We never move beyond our need for grace. We never lose the need to stop hearing the good news. There’s nothing to “move on” into.

There’s nothing “deeper” than His grace. There’s nothing more “advanced” than His love for us.  There’s no kiddie pool for new Christians and a bigger/deeper pool for the mature Christians.

It’s ok to splash around in the waters of His love. He’s not scared of getting wet. Act like a kid. Wear swimmies and goggles if you must, just get in.

Fullness |


“There was in Stephen and the saints the fullness of a container, but in Christ, there is the fullness of a spring. Their fullness was given to them by someone else and so is derivative. In Christ, there is the fullness of a fountain, which proceeds from himself and depends on no one else. The medieval scholastic theologians expressed this well when they said that Christ’s and the saints’ fullness differ as fire and things set on fire. The fullness of the ocean is too small to express this. The removal of even a drop or two diminishes it to some degree, but you can light a thousand torches from the fullness of fire and it is not diminished at all.

John Preston, The Fullness of Christ

What does it look like? I’ve always thought of something being “full” as a glass of water that is full just past the brim about to run over. While I still think that is an appropriate picture, I now believe that true fullness is represented by that same glass spilling over it’s contents.

Bill Johnson has said, “Fullness is measured in overflow.” and that is a good measuring stick.  Jesus didn’t say drink of the water I have and have a full heart. No, He said that out of your heart will flow rivers of living water.

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