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If we are new creations in Christ, our entire being is good, and we need to learn how to manage it to be well.

Kris Vallotton

Kris came to the Ramp last night and spoke on being whole. This message helped to really shape Anna and me this year. One of my favorite quotes is:

When Jesus healed people, He healed in a way so that the person would become a whole person.

Jesus doesn’t just care that we are well physically and spiritually, He wants us well emotionally also.


In Him we live, in Him we move
In Him all things are new
The mystery of life in Christ
Is Christ can live in you
I hear the silence, it’s clamoring
There is only Christ, He is everything

In the language of the soul
It’s burning like a coal
There’s a voice that is saying
“You can be whole”
A life where all is new
Of timeless moments waits for you
With the heart alone you see
You must live this mystery

Michael CardLive This Mystery

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