Where you stop is where you stop. There’s always more of God.
Karen Wheaton

I’ve heard Mrs. Karen say this hundreds of times, and it rings true to me as much today as the first time I heard it. Our journey into Christ is one of exploration. We will eternally explore the extents of what we have access to in Christ.

Let me make a clarification: We can’t have more of God than we already possess. He has given us all of Himself. Now, we get to explore what He’s given.


“Drinks were served in gold goblets of many designs, and there was an abundance of royal wine, reflecting the king’s generosity. By edict of the king, no limits were placed on the drinking, for the king had instructed all his palace officials to serve each man as much as he wanted.”
Esther‬ ‭1:7-8‬, ‭NLT‬‬

The God who is our Father is an extravagant giver. He doesn’t just give a little. The opposite of our God would be a god of moderation. We see in this passage from Esther that the king threw a feast and showed his generosity by his displaying his extravagance.

  • Golden goblets each with custom designs.
  • Beautiful curtains
  • Abundance of royal wine

Everything about this royal feast showed the king’s generosity by showing his extravagance. The same goes with Jesus.

His life and death have shown us the immeasurable extravagance of His riches!


This journey deeper into the “more of God” will NEVER stop. This is good news! The angels and beasts we see in the book of Revelation are eternally crying “Holy!” This is not a robotic response. This is relentless revelation!

It’s out of God’s riches of grace that He has brought us into His life! It’s His eternal extravagant love that has set us on this journey to explore the more!


(I wish I could have alliterated this)

The king commanded that each guest be permitted to drink as much as he wished. He had told the wine servers to serve each man what he wanted.

Esther 1:8, ICB

You are permitted to drink as much of the wine of the Spirit as you want. Holy Spirit is referenced as wine in Ephesians. You are instructed to be filled with Him! A literal translation of the verb would read something like “be being kept filled.” The idea is one of keeping yourself constantly filled.

There’s no “last call” in the Open Bar of Heaven. We never have to worry about God cutting you off for drinking too much. He wants you to have all you want!

Be being filled!

We must set our hearts on the journey of discovering all that we have access to. His extravagance is ours for the exploring! Take time today to explore the more!

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